Man who neglected his wife while she was alive, cries out after losing her to an accident


A Nigerian man who neglected his wife while she was alive, has cried out after losing her and their child to an accident.

Sharing his sad experience on Facebook, he wrote;

“I betrayed my wife worse than anyone could think of and now all I have is regrets. What I did to my wife, no woman deserves that.

I was married for 4 years, I had stopped making love to my wife. I was bored and started having affair with other women.

Soon, I started making love to my secretary. I stopped spending time at home.

One day I was making love to my secretary in my cabin, that was when my wife called me but I cut the call. I didn’t care to pick up. I had my time with the secretary and went home late.

My wife was waiting for me to have dinner. She hadn’t eaten but I had already done dinner with my secretary.

She said she wanted to tell me something important but I was already too tired. I told her to eat and I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and was on my way to the office. She said we need to talk!” I was in hurry, I was waiting to see my secretary again. I told her we’ll talk later”.

I left for the office. I was having fun with my secretary, my wife called me again and again. Just like the other days, I ignored her call. This kept happening for the next few days. She wanted to tell me something but I didn’t have time to listen.

One day, I was at the office, my wife called me and said, “I have booked a table for both of us at your favourite restaurant. Can you come there on time? We have something to talk about”. I replied I will be there”.

In the evening, I went out with my secretary while my wife waited for me at the restaurant. She kept calling me but I forgot about the restaurant. After an hour, I realized that I was late. I called my wife but no one picked up the call. I went to the restaurant and she was not there. I went home and she wasn’t there too. After a while, I received a call from the hospital. They said, “Mr. Sam, your wife is in ICU, she met with an accident. You should come here fast”.

I rushed to the hospital, when I got there, the doctor said,

“I’m sorry, we couldn’t save your wife and the child. It was too late when she got admitted to the hospital”.

Apparently, my wife was almost 3 months pregnant, she was trying for days to tell me that but I didn’t give her the opportunity. The handed me my wife’s belongings. All I have now is regrets and I need help”.

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