Someone should marry me it’s urgent, I’ll explain during honeymoon – Lady begs


A lady has recently taken to social media to beg for an urgent marriage, while promising to tell her to-be husband the reason during their honeymoon.

The beautiful lady, who is identified as Sexy_Oma beckoned on a man to come and marry her immediately, as she insisted that it is really urgent. She also promised to spill the beans to her husband during their after-marriage vacation, also known as Honeymoon.

This request of hers, has stirred up reactions from people, as everyone is curious on what must have triggered such a post from her.

In her words:

“Someone should coman marry me pls, its urgent biko, I’ll explain during honeymoon.”

Below is the lady’s post:

See reactions below:

Lady Begs Desperately for Urgent Marriage on Social MediaLady Begs Desperately for Urgent Marriage on Social Media