Chiboy Biography – Aboy, Selina Tested, Famous Patrick & Net Worth


Chiboy Biography – Aboy, Selina Tested, Famous Patrick & Net Worth

Chiboy is a character in the movie, Selina Tested. His real name is Famous Patrick.


Quick Facts about Chiboy

Real Name

Nd Famous Patrick
Country Nigeria
State of Origin Abia State
LGA Owerri
Current Location Port Harcourt
Siblings Queen, Victor etc
Tv Program Project Fame
Career Actor and CEO of Famous Advertising Home.
Skill Business man

Early Life

Chiboy is from Abia State Nigeria, from Owerri local government area. He grew up together with family at Owerri.


Famous Patrick did his Tertiary Education at Federal Poly Nekede, Owerri of Abia State.


Mr Patrick is an actor with lightweight entertainment. He is known as Chiboy in the hit movie Selina Tested.


He played the role of Chiboy in selina tested. He grew up in Holy Ground together with his childhood friend, Aboy. They grew up together as friends and became though Manchis(fortified men) they were feared by all and we’re bold to confront anyone in the town called Holy Ground.

Their criminal life started when they met a Keke driver in episode one(titled: Young rascals) counting money and wised they could have money like him. The next day, Aboy saw a guy in the hood, hiding a gun in the bush, he hid himself, as soon the guy left the bush, he took the gun and went to inform Chiboy about it. They went to confront the Keke man, shot him on the leg and made away with his money. This was how they fully became criminals till they grew up.

Their journey has been on a dangerous part but that’s what makes the movie interesting. Keep watching selina tested movies for more stories.

Net Worth

His net worth is not avialable at the moment.


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