‘I only begged for prayers, not money’ — Clem Ohameze reacts to viral video


Clem Ohameze, the Nollywood actor, has dismissed claims that he asked people for money in a recent viral video.

The movie star earlier called on Nigerians to pray for him ahead of his surgery in the video clip.

In the footage, Ohameze said doctors informed him that he has to undergo the procedural surgery to separate his cervical vertebrae three from four to free the spinal cord permanently.

“After they showed me the procedure and how it’s been done, I was scared. I was told that they are going to cut open the neck and physically separate the cervical vertebrae three from four and then use an iron plate to plate it with some screws so it can remain permanent,” he had said.

“It was scary but I have no choice. I seriously need people’s thoughts and prayers as I go in for this procedural surgery.”

It is understood that some social media users had accused him of soliciting for funds in the viral video.

But in a chat with BBC Pidgin, the film star said he only asked for prayers, adding that “I don’t want money from anyone.”

“The only thing I need from people is their prayer. There’s nothing more than prayers. Prayers go beyond everything. I don’t want money from anybody, I only want their good thoughts and prayers,” he said.

The actor also disclosed that his absence in movies in recent times was due to his health challenges.

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