DJ Cuppy Resplies A Follower Who Asked Her To Stop Trying To Relate As ‘Ordinary’ Person


Florence Otedola, DJ Cuppy has replied to a follower who asked her to stop trying to relate as an ‘ordinary’ person asking whether she doesn’t feel emotions because of certain privileges.

DJ Cuppy posted lamenting over how her Christmas plans have been ruined because of the lockdown in the UK wondering if she should return to Nigeria and some fans of hers reacting to that asked her to stop trying to relate with them.

DJ Cuppy replying to that asked whether she doesn’t feel any emotions because of certain privileges and resources she has as she never gets sad or disappointed due to the fact that her life is always better?

Replying to another, DJ Cuppy asked because of who her father is, she should go around breaking quarantine laws which is a criminal offense just because of who her father is and certain privileges that she has been enjoying.

DJ Cuppy is right, the fact that she is from the Otedola family, enjoying certain privileges doesn’t mean she has no emotions or can do whatever she wants and that is something most of her followers seem not to understand.

Some people think the fact that she comes from an influential family and enjoys certain privileges means everything is perfect for her but that isn’t always the case because they are all humans like us and it’s only natural she’s trying to relate.

screenshot below;


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