Nigerian Musician Based In The US Joseph Faduri Declares Intention To Run For President In 2023


Nigerian Musician Based In The US Joseph Faduri Declares Intention To Run For President In 2023

TSB News that the United States of America-based musician cum actor, Joseph Faduri better known as Fadojoe has declared his intention to run for the post of Nigerian president in 2023.

The famous entertainer cum activist made the declaration on Saturday, January 1, during the new year celebration after some Nigerian youths tipped him to represent them in the coming general elections.

Information has it that in October 2020, after the End SARS protest in Lagos State and some other states in Nigeria, the youths especially those in diaspora contacted the highly intelligent actor, Fadojeo who has personally been extending his heart of gold to the less privileged in Nigeria, to run for the presidency in 2023.

The Ipetu, Ijesha, Osun State-born Joseph, then reluctantly rejected the offer until recently when he saw the need for a youth president to emerge if truly Nigeria is ready to move forward.

According to a statement made available by his publicist, Gbolahan Adetayo claimed that Fadojoe is fully prepared and ready to rescue the soul of Nigeria from destruction.

According to him, “Nigeria needs a total change of generational leadership. We need to reposition the country for the best. So many things are wrong in my country and it’s high time we stop talking about it, we should try to fix it.

“They use most of our Youths to rig elections in order for the old people and the same set of politicians who have been ruling us since the 1960s to be declared as a winner. It’s time for Nigerian youths to vote for their fellow youths who can deliver for the next generation. I represent a new Nigeria and I am ready to serve my people, to bring about a new country where 1 Dollar will be equivalent to 1Naira, where electricity will run 24hours a day, where roads will be tarred and no potholes anywhere, where jobs will be available to citizens as soon as they get off schools, where education will be free or cheap for every Nigerian, from Kindergartens to Senior High School, where the farm will be producing foods locally and sell cheap for the citizens, where resources of Nigeria will be distributed evenly and no part of the country will feel marginalized. Where house rent will be cheaper compared to what we are paying now in Lagos State. Where standard hospitals will be built for us to stop running abroad for medical treatment

Continuing, he said, “A new Nigeria where the giant of Africa will return to its position once again. This is the time to rescue Nigeria. Changing the face and the ways we do politics in Nigeria. Let the people of Nigeria sponsor their own president and not someone sponsoring himself to win an election by giving us money to buy our future. This is can only happen in Africa. In America, citizens come together to contribute and sponsor the candidate of their choice, if such a person wins, he knows that he has to do what his citizen sent him to do. Such president has no reason not to deliver,” he said.


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