Top Celebrity Live Bands that will rock 2022


Top Celebrity Live Bands that will rock 2022

Here is This Day’s prediction on the Top Celebrity Live Bands that will rock 2022

Which of them have you rocked to?

An integral part of Nigerian parties is live bands. From familiar covers to roof-raising performances, they leave a refreshing taste on their diverse audience. Check out the top three below.

Shuga Band (Akinloye Tofowomo)

No matter how big the crowd is, Nigeria’s creme de la creme readily recognises the cool and polished Akiin Shuga and his band on stage, even in the dark. His shows are unpredictable, wild, consistent, and uniquely energetic. His foray into music has kept him atop the ladder as Nigeria’s most pivotal live musical band.

2021 saw the band play quite a handful of Nigeria’s premium destination weddings across the United Kingdom and Morocco.

Veentage Band (Desmond Emokiniovo)

April 2021 dealt a huge blow to Desmond Emokiniovo. Not only did he lose his wife and partner in the business, Ejiro, the founding team members comprising three major lead singers and four instrumentalists left the Veentage band abruptly. Like a phoenix, the tough and resilient Desmond bounced back stronger weeks after the musicians left him. He has since rejigged his operations and business model to mitigate further risks and has gotten on with playing A-List gigs.

Faith Band (Ayo Ajekigbe)

Ayo Ajekigbe’s band name suits aptly as it reflects the band’s velocity, craft and passion. In appearance, their signature white Dashiki, and Abeti Aja stand them out in the crowd. Judging by the enormity of work he puts in and the experience he brings to bear, Ajekigbe has no doubt stepped up his billing, clearly showing the full understanding of his weight in the social circle and the value he offers.

Source – Thisday Newspaper


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