Isaiah Rashad Biography – Age, Career, Family, Leaked Tape And Net Worth


Isaiah Rashad Biography – Age, Career, Family, Leaked Tape And Net Worth

ISAIAH Rashad is an American rapper who shot to fame after performing at the Smoker’s Club Tour in 2012.


He is 30 years old.


The musician is also the founding member of the Chattanoona hip hop group The House.

Rashad was born Isaiah Joel McClain on May 16, 1991 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He was raised by his mum, who is a hairdresser but found his love for wrap after his dad let him stay up late to listen to Too $hort and Scarface, according to Fader.

Rashad had plans to become a preacher but changed his mind when his stepbrother lent him a copy of OutKast’s ATliens album in junior high.


Rashad’s best songs include Smile, which was released as a loosie between his albums Cilvia Demo and The Sun’s Tirade and delves into the struggles of becoming famous.

Another is Stuck in the Mud featuring SZA which looks at Rashad’s addiction of Codeine and the US’ drug addiction problem.

Shot You Down featuring Jay Rock and Schoolboy Q is also another of Rashad’s best songs.

Then there’s Heavenly Father which looks at Rashad’s struggle with depression and addiction and his relationship with his dad, who abandoned him at the age of 3.

West Savannah, also featuring SZA, is another favourite among Rashad fans.

During a promotion of The Sun’s Tirade in 2016, Rashad revealed he had been addicted to Xanax and alcohol and was suffering from depression, anxiety, and isolation.

He said he was almost dropped from record label Top Dawn Entertainment three times during the recording of the 2016 album but said he no longer took Xanax and only drinks socially.

Rashad’s albums are Fly Times, Cool Places (2009), Cilvia Demo (2014), The Sun’s Tirade (20160 and The House is Burning (2021).

Cilvia Demo received widespread acclaim and debuted at number 40 on the US Billboard 200.


The famous rapper has two children: a son and a daughter, but not much else is known about them.

Leaked Tape

Just hours after Lil Fizz and Nelly became victims of a sex tape leak, Isaiah Rashad’s private life is being spread all over Twitter, too. On Wednesday (February 9), footage of the elusive rapper both giving and receiving oral sex started making the rounds. But much to the surprise of some of his fans, not a single woman was involved. In fact, everyone participating in the intimate act were men.

While this appears to confirm Rashad’s sexuality, many people have run to his defense and are criticizing anyone who would be so cruel as to expose someone in this manner. As one person tweeted, “Isaiah rashad being gay is random as fuck but being so interested in what ppl do behind closed doors is even weirder lmao got nothing to do wit y’all n-ggas.”

Net Worth

Isaiah is worth  $500,000

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