Cynthi Dolgeová reveals how her boyfriend used to check her underwear to see if she was cheating before he stabbed her 11 times


Cynthi Dolgeová reveals how her boyfriend used to check her underwear to see if she was cheating before he stabbed her 11 times

Cynthi Dolgeová, has told how her perfect relationship ended with her thuggish controlling boyfriend almost killing her when he stabbed her 11 times in a brutal attack.

Cynthi Dolgeová, from the Czech Republic, moved to Scarborough, North Yorkshire, with her then partner, Jack Sutton in 2021.  Shortly after arriving in the UK, their relationship worsened after Sutton’s paranoia became so oppressive, he was even checking Ms Dolgeová’s underwear when returned to the house.

She claimed that everything started off ‘really nice’ between the pair – yet all of her friends were warning her his behaviour wasn’t right. He wouldn’t want her to meet with friends or family and accused her of sleeping with other men.

The 23-year-old says she was forced to stop talking to her best friend because of her ex-partner and he would even check her knickers after she went out.

Ms Dolgeová said she was too in love to see how his behaviour was wrong, adding: ‘I could never see it before but now thinking about, love is blind.’

They were supposed to stay in the UK for two months then move to Germany for Sutton’s work, but because of Brexit and trouble with visas the pair decided to stay in England.

Ms Dolgeová said: ‘I left everything for him including all my family, it was really hard for me and then after four months I found out he was cheating on me.

‘With Covid and being here alone we stayed together. He was always telling me if I break up with him he would kill himself and it would be my fault – it wasn’t easy to leave him.’

During summer 2021 Ms Dolgeová said she realised their relationship wasn’t ‘proper love’ but they stayed together despite her niggling feelings. One week before the attack the couple split up and Ms Dolgeová moved into her best friend’s house, Amy.

The ex-couple went for dinner together to ‘talk about stuff’ – but he took her ID without her realising at dinner because he knew she would need it.

Ms Dolgeová said she and Sutton, pictured, were initially happy until they moved to Scarborough and a planned move to Germany failed because of Brexit complications

Sutton, who was jailed for 16 years, attacked Ms Dolgeová because she ended their relationship due to his controlling nature and jealousy

Ms Dolgeová was taken to York hospital by police and a CT scan showed her lungs had partially collapsed and her liver had been punctured. Her injuries were classed as life-threatening and she was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary where her wounds were dressed and she was eventually discharged.

She said: ‘I’m proud of myself. For ages I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror because the scars reminded me of him but now I can do something and tell people.

‘I know he didn’t do it because he hated me, he did it because he loved me so much and realised he was losing me but didn’t want to.

‘I’m lucky to be alive, the mental abuse and what he was doing to me wasn’t normal. I feel like a lot of people know about domestic violence but the mental abuse you suffer is so much more, it hurts in a different way.

‘You can see a bruise from being physically hurt but you can’t see mental abuse.’

She added: ‘It’s hard, I really loved him – it’s scary to fall in love again or find another boyfriend.’

Ms Dolgeová has since moved back to the Czech Republic to be with her family.

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