20 romantic names to call your Man and their meaning


20 romantic names to call your Man and their meaning

Nicknames are vital in relationships because it helps to ‘get the love sweeter’ between both parties. During a relationship, there will come a time when calling your boo by his actual name sounds boring.

Searching for the perfect romantic name and calling him by that name refreshes the relationship. Although, picking a name for your man is crucial because it should mirror your understanding and love for him.

Calling your man a sweet name helps to strengthen the bond between both of you but getting the name that suits him, can be frustrating.

Not to worry, I have compiled a list of romantic names and their meanings for you to choose from:

1) Adorable – A romantic name for a man that melts your heart

2) Amante – A cute name that means ‘lover’ in Spanish

3) Bambi – A name for a cute and stylish boo

4) Bam Bam – This name is for a man full of energy

5) Berry – A sweet name for a fantastic guy

6) Bibbles – A man that exhibits positive vibes

7) Bubba – This name is for a guy dear to your heart

8) Cadillac – A cute name for a classy and intelligent man

9) Dovey – A name for a kind, sweet and caring boo

10) Favorite – A guy that has a special place in your heart

11) Ferrie – A name for a courageous and strong man

12) Gem – A lovely name for a guy precious to you

13) Heartie – For the guy who has the key to your heart

14) Hottie Tottie – A sweet name for an incredibly sexually attractive guy

15) Kiya – A name fit for a charming and fun guy

16) Mine – A guy, whose heart, body, and soul belongs to you

17) Precious – A man you hold in high esteem

18) Sugar Bear – A nice name for a guy, you feel connected to on all levels

19) Sunshine – For a man that shows you love and warmth

20) Vita Mia – an amazing name for a man who is your life

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