Woman, Crystal Weinstock is left with HUGE thick eyebrows after microblading treatment went wrong (Photos)


Woman, Crystal Weinstock is left with HUGE thick eyebrows after microblading treatment went wrong (Photos)

Crystal Weinstock, 37, from Houston, Texas, decided to try $340 microblading

A mother-of-two has been left devastated by her ‘scary’ eyebrows after a Microblading session went wrong.

Crystal Weinstock, 37, from Houston, Texas, decided to try microblading and paid $340 for the privilege.

But she was shocked to find the makeup artist had made her eyebrows so much bigger and bolder that her little girl was too terrified to come anywhere near her.

Crystal, a dentist hygienist, said: ‘I had been thinking about getting microblading on my eyebrows for quite some time.

‘As a busy mother, I found that trying to fill in my brows and make sure they were the right shape took so long. I thought that having microblading would be a great idea.

‘I never in a million years could have guessed that they would have turned out like they did. It was horrifying. When my three-year-old daughter saw me the following day, she actually got frightened and freaked out.

‘I’m now having to have removal sessions to try and break down the pigment and I may have to have laser treatment. It could take up to a year to get them looking better.’

Crystal said she attended her first micro blading session in November last year, however due to bleeding, the session was cut short and the pigment didn’t stick.

So she tried a second session four weeks later, in December.

Crystal added: ‘I was so excited to have perfect eyebrows and not have to worry about doing them myself. I was shown a picture of what my brows would be like after and I loved it. So in December, I went back for my second session.

‘The bleeding happened again but this time we carried on hoping the pigment would stay. I left the appointment happy with how they were looking but unfortunately it didn’t last as the pigment didn’t stick to my skin.

The treatment involves small needles piercing the skin adding semi-permanent pigment to create a fuller brow.

Crystal added: ‘The semi-permanent make-up artist said she did some research on how she could get the pigment to stay better and talked about the nanoblading technique.

She claimed she told the make up artist they were mapped out too thick and she wanted her new brows to follow the natural growth of her own eyebrows.

But after a couple of hours Crystal felt too much time had passed and felt the make up artist going back and forth too often.

‘After a couple of hours it felt a little too much. I could feel a lot of going back and forth, over and over again.

‘At the end of the session, she looked and told me not to freak out. She thought she might have gone too high with the hair stroke, but it was fine because she would order remover to correct it.

‘When I took that first glance in the mirror I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was horrifying.’

Crystal claimed she was told it would look better when the swelling went down. But the following morning, she woke up and her eyebrows looked no better than the night before.

She added: ‘My daughter came into my bedroom to wake me up and she got such a fright. She started freaking out. I saw the fear in my daughter’s eyes and my heart dropped.

‘I was trying to stay calm and do some research on how I could fix them, but I was mortified.

‘After googling ‘botched eyebrows’ I realized mine was much worse than the ones I was seeing so I started panicking even more.

‘I began reaching out to other semi-permanent make-up artists and managed to get booked in for an emergency removal at Her Velvet Hands in Houston.

‘Botch Ink makes a saline solution that is poured into the open wounds to try and break down the pigment. You then have to wait for it to scab and wait for the results.’

Crystal feels humiliated and is embarrassed to share her story and pictures but she hopes her experience will help others.

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