Five huge turn-offs for women during s3x


Five huge turn-offs for women during s3x

S3x is a two-way street. But it requires efforts from both partners to make it an amazing experience.

It is also a pleasurable activity if there’s great understanding between partners. There is nothing more appealing to a woman s3xually than a man who knows how to push the right buttons.

It is also good for lovers to understand their likes, dislikes, wants, and boundaries.

Without further ado, here are some of the major things women find irritating during sex.

Poor personal hygiene
Hygiene is a must during s3x just as it’s in our everyday life. So before proceeding to the room, you should clean up thoroughly.

Make sure you have taken a shower, applied deodorant, and gotten rid of bad breath by brushing your teeth. Also if you want to have an amazing sexual experience, try to shave off the hair from the necessary parts as dense body hair can also be infuriating.

Rushing/ Lack of foreplay
Foreplay is the foundation of having an amazing s3xual experience. So ditching or rushing foreplay is a major turn-off for your woman, as it is the major move that set a woman in the mood.

The foreplay will also make your woman feel loved, wanted, and cared for rather than feeling used as a s3x toy by you.

Being selfish
S3xual intercourse should be enjoyed by both parties, not just you. So, don’t be selfish. Rather be keen on helping your woman reach climax.

Ignoring her needs and satisfaction can be a major turn-off during s3x. To avoid this, understand her body, give her the freedom to talk to you about her body, and find out what works best for her and how you can make her satisfied.

Understanding and communicating each other’s s3xual needs and wants is necessary for s3xual satisfaction.

Constant talking
Communication during s3x is advisable but do it moderately. Women can get turned off when you constantly blab about unrelated issues during s3x.

There are also some specific phrases and words you should avoid totally during s3x if you really want to experience s3xual bliss. They include;

Who’s your daddy?
What now, are you crying? Probably when it’s the first time.
Calling her demeaning names like slut, bitch, etc.
Calling out another woman’s name, especially your ex-lover’s. Apart from it being extremely annoying, it can also lead to drastic situations.

Being too aggressive
Acting aggressively and displaying disgusting behaviors tend to put women off the mood.

With her permission you can be wild but not aggressive towards her, there is a difference. She might also end up seeing your aggressiveness as a selfish act.

It is necessary to discuss her limits and boundaries in order to satisfy her.

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