Stop denying your husbands s3x, expert, Eric Okunna, tells women


Stop denying your husbands s3x, expert, Eric Okunna, tells women

Eric Okunna, the consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, says the importance of healthy s3x life cannot be undermined in marriage.

According to NAN, the doctor sampled the views of locals in Awka, Anambra on matters of family and sex.

He said respondents argued that couples shouldn’t deny each other sex, especially by the woman to her husband.

Okunna said others argued that the man is the family head and his feelings “shouldn’t be toyed with.”

He said good s3x cements a relationship between the two people involved in a filial relationship.

He also said continuous demand for sex by the man “can drive the wife crazy” and lead to torture for the man.

Okunna said it is vital to treat marriage as hallowed, therefore, women should not torture their husbands by denial.

The consultant added that sex should not be used as a tool for revenge in case of any misgiving between the couple.

“Sex relationship on itself is a medication to calm the body down of so many life challenges like stress, emotional sickness and is a good exercise to keep the body relaxed and fit,” Okunna said.

“It is a natural occurrence to have disagreement between people in a relationship and marriage is no exception. There is no justification for any of the couples to use sex as torture to resolve their differences.

“Instead, s3x should be a tool used to resolve any brewed issues between couples because it could be used to relax tensed nerves rather than a tool for disintegration.

“S3x torture or denial in marriage is a negative manner to handle marriage challenges because it could lead to home breakup.”

According to the doctor, s3x life should be moderate so partners are satisfied anytime the need arises to avoid boredom.

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