Prince William’s alleged affair goes viral on social media #PrinceOfPegging


Prince William’s alleged affair goes viral on social mediaPrince William is currently trending on Twitter for all the ‘wrong’ reasons. An anonymous post has created a spark on social media about the alleged affair of the British Royal.

The post, however, doesn’t name Prince William. However, the tidbits are pointing toward him and his marital discord following his alleged affair with Rose Hanbury, a long-time friend, who is Marchioness of Cholmondeley. The anonymous post from an account named Deuxmoi on Instagram shares a scandalous story about Prince William and his extramarital affair.

The message claimed it’s an open secret in London and among the English aristocracy and the media. The post with the hashtag #PrinceOfPegging alleges that the real reason behind the affair of the British Prince was his love for pegging, which his wife considers too old-fashioned to indulge.

The post further alleged that Prince William’s wife does not mind the affair and prefers her husband to satiate his sexual desires from elsewhere, as long as things don’t get emotional, which was the case with the last affair.

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