Meghan Markle looks gorgeous and simple on the cover of The Cut


Meghan Markle looks gorgeous and simple on the cover of The Cut

Meghan Markle stuns on the cover of The Cut in photographs taken by Campbell Addys.

Meghan is fast becoming the queen of all tell-alls. The former Duchess of Sussex has a podcast, Archetypes coming out,

“Enter Archetypes, the new podcast she hosts. With it, she has taken a cue from other millennial women whose feminism was forged in the girl boss era and turned hardship into content.” The Cut writes.

She sat down to talk to The Cut about her royal experiences like her son Archie’s nurseries almost catching on fire and royal protocol, like approval before posting on Instagram.

One of the things Meghan is looking forward to in the normal average life, the one she had before royalty, where she could post whatever she wanted.

For the cover, Meghan’s hair is upswept, with no strand out of place, she looks prim and proper like a Queen in black turtle and emerald studs. Her makeup is minimal, except for a very light pink lipstick.

As if to strip herself of all the glamour of being a princess, Meghan wears a simple polka dot gown.

In another look, we see Meghan in a white power suit from Proenza Schouler and shoes from Manolo Blahnik.

Finally, channelling her sultriness, Meghan is absolutely gorgeous in one of her favourites, the little black dress, and gorgeous pearl necklace.

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