Sam Omatseye alleges death threats from Peter Obi’s supporters


Sam Omatseye alleges death threats from Peter Obi’s supporters

A seasoned journalist and celebrated columnist, Sam Omatseye has alleged that supporters of Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, were calling and issuing death threats against him.

Omatseye cried out barely 24 hours after his opinion piece published in The Nation newspaper and titled ‘Obi-tuary’ generated controversy on social media.

In the piece published on Monday, August 1, 2022, the essayist described Obi’s supporters as Biafran blabbers, adding that their support for Obi’s presidency is a Biafran agitation in disguise.

The essay reads in part, “Obi has turned out to be an excuse for even closet Biafrans to betray open emotions about Biafra without being accused of it.

“This includes intellectuals who did not show mercy to him while he reigned in Anambra as a pharisaic chief executive. It is like wearing a colour beneath another colour. Obi has become a shelter for both miscreants and activists of the crowd.”

Omatseye also accused the former Anambra State governor of using religion as bait in the forthcoming elections.

He wrote, “He (Obi) is therefore using religion as a bait. He is now on a weekly pilgrimage to churches. Jonathan did the same. The pastors, ever opportunistic, see him as a darling.

“He is visiting a sectional hue of pews. This is the man who divided the church in Anambra State in his time between Catholics and the others.”

Omatseye’s essay sparked outrage on Twitter as many Obi’s supporters criticised and called him a fake journalist.

The Alleged Death Threats: As the criticisms continue, the journalist took to his Twitter page on Monday to allege death threats by Obi’s supporters.

He said the presidential candidate must be held responsible if anything happens to him.

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