“Avoid Nkechi Blessing, she has mental illness,” Opeyemi Falegun tells fans


“Avoid Nkechi Blessing, she has mental illness,” Opeyemi Falegun tells fans

Ekiti State politician Opeyemi Falegan has shared disturbing information about his ex-girlfriend Nkechi Blessing, claiming she is mentally imbalanced.

The politician and Nkechi have been battle of wits following their recent breakup.

Recall that Falegan has been recently dragged online in an interview over claims she only used him to spite her ex-boyfriend.

Falegan took to his Instagram story where he revealed some information about Nkechi with claims that any man, who had dated her would testify she is dirty and also battling with a mental problem.

He added that Nkechi only smokes weed to make it stable.

He said, “I don’t want any woman to be angry with me but the truth is that Nkechi is dirty, any man who has dated her will tell you what I said is the truth, you will find spots down there, and believe me it does not even look nice. She should go take care of herself, I don’t care who you are and how you take this message because at this point l know your mission.

“I was thinking you were doing all this because I’m not in your life anymore and you are angry I’m still doing fine, but I just realize your mission is to destroy my life and you will not succeed.

“All your senior colleagues you claim to respect so much tell me that one person you haven’t bad mouthed, you are always angry anytime they send me a message, you would accuse them of sleeping with your boyfriends, I even asked her to further her education overseas, just to better her life, so it would be easy to introduce her to my people in Ekiti,” he said.

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