Woman killed during tug-of-war game ( Video)


Woman killed during tug-of-war game ( Video)

A woman was killed in a freak accident during a tug-of-war world record attempt as the rope recoiled and dragged her into a concrete barrier.

A video shows 5,294 people preparing to take part in the tug-of-war event in Makassar, Indonesia, on December 18. But the 1,540-metre-long rope pinged back, tripping the victim Masita B. up and dragging her down the tarmac.

She smashed her head into a concrete divider, causing blood to spill onto the road.

Another video clip, which was taken after the incident, shows Masita lying on the tarmac in a pool of her own blood as others around her scream in terror.

Her cause of death was given as severe head trauma.


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