Six things you shouldn’t do after your engagement


Six things you shouldn’t do after your engagement

Congratulations on your engagement!!! You have just taken the first step toward your journey to matrimony.

Getting engaged can, however, feel like a roller coaster of anxiety and excitement. To avoid getting overwhelmed after your engagement, here are some of the things you should not do.

Avoid announcing on social media immediately
You might feel tempted to share the excitement on your social media pages immediately but please don’t do it.

Before you do, share the news with your loved ones first. You might also want to relish the moment for a few days before telling them.

However, make sure you share with loved ones before social media. Because some of them might feel disappointed if they get to hear the big news from a third party or social media feeds.

Start planning immediately
After the engagement, you might start feeling eager and anxious about your big day and want to start planning immediately.

You can just take notes, set a budget, and put your ideas together. But don’t immediately start booking the needed vendors.

Rushing this process and making a purchase too soon out of excitement can lead to regret and financial issues down the line.

Avoid the braggadocio
While you are trying to enjoy the moment and tell your friends how happy you are about your engagement, mind the way you celebrate it.

It is a joyful thing so you should celebrate. However, don’t go about it all day and end up rubbing it on the faces of your friends who are still single.

I am very sure you don’t want your newly engaged status to be a turn-off to some of your buddies.

Avoid telling everyone your plan
This is something you should avoid totally. Don’t divulge all of your wedding plans to everyone but just the necessary ones.

Telling everyone your plan will just give room for people to bring in different requests. And along the line, it might become difficult to fulfill the requests, leaving them disappointed.

So try to keep everyone in suspense and avoid requests politely.

Giving into pressure
Engagement mostly comes with a lot of questions, advice, and requests from family and friends.

But don’t feel pressured to commit to any request if you don’t want to. You can however just say “we’re still deciding and I’ll let you know soon.”

Focus on just you and yours
It is quite easy to be caught up in the moment and take all decisions to suit oneself. But remember your engagement is not about just you — but you and your partner.

So anything that needs to be done, it is important you carry your lover along. Take permission before committing to something or taking final decisions.


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