Six fun ways to mark Valentine’s Day with partner on budget


Six fun ways to mark Valentine’s Day with partner on budget

Valentine’s Day has become a significant religious, cultural, and commercial celebration of love.

So you and your partner want to spend time together but aren’t financially capable of that expensive date or trip?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is all about quality time with your partner and not about the amount of money spent.

Here are some creative ideas to have fun with your partner on Valentine’s day at little or no cost.

Handwritten love letters
There is nothing that can be as romantic as your partner putting how they feel about you down in writing.

A few days before valentine’s day, you and your partner should write a love letter to each other.

Ranging from what you love about your partner, what you’re proud of him/her, and how you appreciate him/her.

So on Valentine’s Day, you both will pick a time when you will read your letter to each other.

This will not only make your partner feel loved and excited but also strengthen your relationship.

Romantic in-house dinner
Instead of going to that expensive restaurant, why not have a romantic indoor dinner?

Not only is it cheaper but you two will also have a nice time and conversation while at it.

So cook together, set up the table for dinner, and enjoy each other’s company in your house.

While eating, you both can have conservations or go down memory lane.

Talk about your first date, your best moments together, your first kiss, and funny moments.

To spice things up, you both can dress properly like you are going on a date at that expensive restaurant.

You could even bring games along to play after enjoying the delicious meal.

Make Valentine’s musical! You don’t necessarily need to have the best voice.

It is the intention that matters trust me.

So go on a karaoke date and sing your favourite song to each other.

Have a fun-filled and exciting moment together.

Spa night
Bring the spa home and be each other’s massager on Valentine’s Day.

This is a relaxing way of enjoying each other’s company just with little cost.

The expenses will only be on purchasing candles, massage oils, and essential oils.

These will help make a perfect spa night.

Sip and paint
Bring out your inner artistry for the sake of love on Valentine’s Day.

You and your party can set up a comfortable spot and agree on what to draw or paint.

Snacks can also be made available to make it more fun.

The painting will only cost two drawing pads and colour pens.

Your partner can also additionally engage in deep conversation.

This will give rise to a form of intense closeness between you both.

Movie night
You both should pick a movie you have always wanted to watch.

You could make it a romantic one that will make you cuddle up with your partner while at it.

Make the day a movie day.

You can also spice up the movie night by decorating the location into a mini cinema.

Don’t forget to grab popcorn too.

If not a movie, you can make it a game night too, or both.

Spending quality time and showing love to your partner doesn’t need to cost that much.