Five things every emotionally exhausted mom needs to remember

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Five things every emotionally exhausted mom needs to remember

This is for tired moms, angry moms, and those in between. If you’re emotionally exhausted and worn out, mama, here are 5 things you need to remember.

There are seasons when we’re so fed up, we don’t even know if we can go on. When you are feeling overwhelmed, here’s what you must remember.

How to follow your gut

It can be extremely difficult to figure out what’s happening in your head when you’re feeling down. Prayers feel jumbled, your thoughts race, you feel peace, then panic, then peace, then panic.

You can barely make a decision without second-guessing yourself and you are, quite simply, Past The Point.

The goal during this time is to try and harness what peace you do have and hang onto it. You’ve got to learn to follow your gut again. You’ve got to learn to ferret out that peace and go with it. It feels impossible, but being able to figure out your own thoughts and emotions are key.

Exhausted? How to say “No” and stick to it

If you’re emotionally exhausted, odds are you’re burning both ends of the candle. This may be because you’re working outside the home and in the home. You’re up all night with your babies; you’re having health issues, or life is just hectic and busy. Or, it could be all these things. One of the best things mothers can do when we’re feeling over it is to learn to say no.

Here are a few people you must learn to say no to:

Ourselves | Guilt, the “need to be needed,” or a critical spirit need not be our boss. We don’t have to do every little thing we always did for everyone. We simply don’t.
Our spouse and kids | It is not loving towards your spouse or your family to run yourself to the ground. You’re doing things for them they are capable of doing for themselves.

You can help them, love them, and let them take care of their own responsibilities at the same time.

Others | People may want you on their committee, want you to babysit, want your opinion, need help with their work, and so on and so on.

If you’re weary and over it, you can simply say “This is not a good time for my family, feel free to ask me at a later date.”

How you are refreshed and renewed

If you think about it, you’re overwhelmed because all of your daily activities are set up to drain you and leave you exhausted. Be deliberate about doing refreshing things every day. Whether it’s painting or writing or taking a walk, find what gives you joy and do that.

These are not necessarily big things either. But whether they are easy or hard, we simply must put some activities in our days that rejuvenate us so we’re able to love and serve our families as we desire.

How you got here

An examination of your situation is a critical thing to do. If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed and over it, don’t forget how you arrived there. Sometimes it’s obvious. Pregnancy, for example, makes you feel like you’re losing your mind. Moving, another example is such a highly stressful activity.

You may become easily overwhelmed due to all the changes and decisions that must be made. Looking back at how you got there will help you get out of the rut quickly.

Exhausted? How to ask for help

This is a big one.

“Asking for help does not mean that we are weak or incompetent. It usually indicates an advanced level of honesty and intelligence.” Anne Wilson Schaef

If you are exhausted and going to crack it, be honest and ask someone for help. Also, if you think you can’t go on, be honest and ask someone for help. If you think you are a horrible person and just don’t even know what to do, be honest and ask someone for help.

Call your pastor, friend, family member, a hotline, or reach out to a stranger on a forum on the internet. Whatever you do, don’t try to go at it alone.


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