Sweet names to call your husband

Sweet names to call your husband
Sweet names to call your husband

Sweet names to call your husband

Add spice to your love life and grab your partner’s attention by calling him by a cute nickname.

Boo, darling, love, honey, sweetheart – when there are so many beautiful terms of affection to use, why call your husband by his actual name? Selecting adorable nicknames for your spouse is a way of showing him that he is special to you.

His given name can be used by his colleagues, acquaintances, and people he just met. Since he is your knight in shining armor, he deserves a unique nickname from you.

Take a look at our list of charming, silly, and cute nicknames you can use to affectionately call your partner!

1. Babe
This is one of the most common nicknames for husbands. Well, ‘Babe’ is a cuter version of ‘Baby’ and is guaranteed to make him smile.

2. Love
Call your husband ‘Love,’ and you will fall deeply in love with him – all over again. You can call him ‘My Love’ to sound possessive and endearing.

3. Cutie Pie
‘Cutie Pie’ is a nickname that is as cute as it sounds! This one is perfect for those who feel their soulmate is a kiddo and a cute little fella at heart.

4. Love Bug
‘Love Bug’ is an adorable way to call your husband if you both are mad for each other and head over heels in love. Call your man ‘Love Bug’ if he is always by your side or loves holding your hand, no matter where you both are.

5. Sweetheart
‘Sweetheart’ is a classic nickname that couples use for each other. If your husband is extremely sweet and has a heart of gold, this would be the perfect nickname for your companion. Many women also save their husband’s phone number with this nickname!

6. Precious
‘Precious’ is not a very common nickname. It refers to a prized possession or something immensely valuable to you. And who is more valuable to you than your husband?

7. Good Looking
Are you still swayed by how sexy and stylish your husband looks? If you are still mesmerized, calling him ‘Good Looking’ is a perfect way to show him you are still his number one fan.

8. Handsome
Does your husband’s charm make you go weak in the knees? Well, it’s time to call him ‘Handsome’ more often! Make sure to notice the way he blushes every time you flatter him with this subtle compliment.

9. Prince Charming
Doesn’t every girl out there wish that her husband is her Prince Charming? If you are blessed with a guy who is a thorough gentleman and treats you no less than a princess, he surely deserves to be your Prince Charming!

10. Bae
Bae is a short form for ‘Before Anyone Else.’ It is a fun and cute way of calling your beau that shows how important he is. It also sounds adorable when you use it often to text each other.

11. Loverboy
If you and your husband share a very chill, friendly, and fun vibe with each other, giving each other cute and funny nicknames might be fun. Call him ‘Loverboy’ each time he says something super cheesy or embarrasses you with some over-the-top joke.

12. Honey Bunny
Do you find your better half as cute as a bunny that you absolutely cannot live without? Call him ‘Honey Bunny,’ which is also considered as a term of endearment. Many newlywed couples often use this term while texting each other.

13. Sweetie
‘Sweetie’ is a variation of ‘Sweets,’ ‘Sweetums,’ and ‘Sweetness.’ This cute nickname is a straightforward way to tell your husband that you find him exceptionally sweet, adorable, and dear to you.

14. Love Of My Life/Mi Amor
Your husband is not just your husband but also the love of your life! Mi Amor in Spanish means ‘my love,’ and it simply sounds sexy when said in hushed tones. It is an extremely endearing way to call your husband.

15. Shona
‘Shona’ is a term that is common among every Indian couple. It is a cute nickname for your husband and means ‘a sweet little baby.’

16. Honey
If you find your man as delicious and sweet as honey, this would be an amazing nickname. There are many other variations of this nickname, like ‘Honey Bunch,’ ‘Hon,’ and ‘Honey Bear.’

17. Munchkin
‘Munchkin’ addresses someone we find extremely adorable and loveable. Call your man ‘munchkin’ and watch him grin away to glory.

18. Hunk
If your husband is a gym enthusiast and loves working out and flaunting his ripped abs, you can call him ‘Hunk.’ If he is extremely protective of you and acts no less than your personal bodyguard, this is the perfect nickname for him.

19. McDreamy
Well, which woman doesn’t drool over McDreamy? This hot, dreamy doctor from Grey’s Anatomy is very popular for his good looks and charm. Use it as a nickname when you and your husband share an intimate moment.

20. Chan-Chan Man
If you and your husband are avid series binge-watchers, you already know who Chan-Chan Man is! Chandler Bing from FRIENDS. He is funny, charming, cute, and hot – all wrapped in one! Use this term of endearment if you feel you have found your Chan-Chan Man in your husband.

21. Darling
‘Darling’ is another endearing nickname that is often used for the dearest person in your life. It is a perfect name for your beloved and the person around whom your entire life revolves. It is one of those common yet classic cute nicknames for him.

22. Pumpkin
‘Pumpkin’ is something that many call their partners to express their adoration, love, and endearment towards them. Pumpkin basically means someone who is extremely cute, tender at heart, adorable, attractive, and sweet. It is one of those variations of ‘Pumpkin Pie’, ‘Munchkin’, ‘Darling’, or ‘Sweetheart.’

23. Cutie Patootie
If you have those baby talk moments with your husband where you make up cute and fun names that rhyme, you will totally get the essence of this cute and amazing nickname. ‘Cutie Patootie’ is just another cute name for husbands that is made up to rhyme. Just like ‘Honey Bunny,’ ‘Sweet Cheeks,’ ‘Boo Boo,’ or ‘Pookie Bear,’ which simply sound cute and loveable.

24. Hubby Baby
‘Hubby’ is a cuter and shorter version of husband! And ‘Hubby Baby’ takes the cute quotient a notch higher.

25. Love Muffin
Muffins are delicious, sweet, and soft treats. You can surely address your husband with a sexy yet cute nickname like this one.

26. Marshmallow
We love marshmallows and how squishy, warm, and delicious they are. If you feel your husband is all of this and more, this nickname is perfect for him.

27. Sunshine
Is your partner the epicenter of your life? Always happy, positive, and brings joy and light to your life? If his presence brightens your day and makes you happy like nothing else, this is his perfect nickname.

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