Bobrisky exposes troll who was secretly asking him out in his DM


Bobrisky exposes troll who was secretly asking him out in his DM

BobRisky recently found himself in the midst of a social media drama when he exposed a male troll who had criticized his recent Instagram post.

In that post, BobRisky was showcasing his man and trying to flaunt their relationship. However, not everyone was supportive.

The male troll, known as Chidoxhie, responded with comments that questioned the purpose of flaunting one’s partner, suggesting that it’s not an achievement and might not matter in heaven.

Interestingly, BobRisky hit back with a surprising revelation – he shared private messages from the same troll, showing that Chidog Z had been sliding into his DMs and even expressing admiration for him.

The reactions to this incident have been nothing short of entertaining. People have expressed their surprise at the audacity of a fan who publicly trolls someone and then privately begs for their affection.

This isn’t the first time Bob Risky has made headlines recently. Just a few days prior to this incident, a video circulated showing him and Phyna at an event, with Phyna displaying a disgusted expression. Speculation ran wild about the reason behind her reaction, with some suggesting that BobRisky might have had an odor issue.

However, Bob Risky clarified that Phyna’s reaction was due to an “area boy” at the event who had attempted to inappropriately touch him.