“I never abandoned my children” Husband of business woman, debunks accusations of him abandoning his family


“I never abandoned my children” Husband of business woman, debunks accusations of him abandoning his family

A recent online drama involving businesswoman Patra and her ex-husband, Mr. Peter, has taken a compelling twist as Mr. Peter has come forward to debunk accusations of abandonment and to shed light on the complexities of their past relationship.

Patra had previously made headlines when she disclosed in a viral video that her ex-husband had allegedly deserted her and their two children in Nigeria, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Watch Patra narrate in the video below:

Mr. Peter addressed the allegations in a candid social media post, emphasizing that he would never engage in public onslaught with a former spouse, regardless of the circumstances. He expressed deep respect for the marriage he once shared with Patra.

In his statement, Mr. Peter made it clear that he would not involve himself in online disputes with individuals who were not part of their five-year marriage. He revealed the importance of recognizing that there are two sides to every story.

While denying the accusation of abandonment, Mr. Peter stressed that there were numerous factors at play within their relationship. He revealed that their marriage was marked by a series of significant events, which were unknown to the public.

Despite the false accusations, Mr. Peter maintained that he had no intention of defending himself online, as the internet has a long memory, and he wished to protect his children from it.

In a direct message to his ex-wife, Patra, Mr. Peter urged her to refrain from exposing their children to online scrutiny, revealing that she knew the truth about his dedication to their family and his role as a parent.

The entire episode began with Patra’s emotional revelation two days ago, where she alleged that Mr. Peter had departed, taking with him their shared finances and leaving her in a dire situation in Nigeria, responsible for their two children. She spoke of emotional manipulation during their marriage and described the difficulty of addressing her children’s queries about the absence of financial support from their father.

Patra spoke out emotionally on the hardships she had endured, including going without food at times to ensure her children were cared for. She claimed that the financial assistance she received from her ex-husband was insufficient to meet their basic needs, leaving her in a desperate situation.