My wife died of surgery complications, not domestic violence – Husband, Magnus Ilechukwu reveals


My wife died of surgery complications, not domestic violence – Husband, Magnus Ilechukwu reveals

A husband accused of being responsible for the death of his wife, Mr. Magnus Ilechukwu, had denied that domestic violence has anything to do with the circumstances leading to the death of Mrs Trinitas Chiamaka Ilechukwu.

Rather, he averred that complications arising from liposuction surgery led to his wife’s untimely passing.

Recall that in the second week of June 2023, the social media was awash with the news of the death of the late Mrs. Ilechukwu, whose death was alleged to be as a result of domestic violence, meted out to her by her ‘monstrous’ husband, Mr Ilechukwu.

Various reports had it then that they had only girls, and the husband allegedly discovered that she was pregnant again with another girl, he therefore beat her up; while others said that she did a ‘Brazilian butt lift,’ BBL, came back and the husband beat her up and dumped her at the hospital to die and he disappeared.

The husband was immediately arraigned in the ‘court of social media,’ where he was speedily tried and found guilty as charged, without being allowed to defend himself. Of course, why should he speak, cases of women meeting their death at the hands of their husband, who should love them, has continued to grow. So, this story must be made to be true.

However, South-East PUNCH tracked Ilechukwu, the Chief Executive Officer of Ledgeons LLC, to his location in Enugu, where he shed light on the unfortunate death of his wife.

A visibly-traumatized Ilechukwu told our correspondent that he had silently followed up with the Police investigations and only waited this long before speaking because he needed to have full disclosure of what killed his wife and also arm himself with verifiable and evidence-based facts, so that, like in the words of the scriptures, the reader can buy the truth and sell it not – Prov. 23:23.

He informed that his biggest shock was not being given a chance to tell his story before the death sentence was pronounced on his head on various social media platforms.

He added that to make matters worse, few people who knew the truth and who had tried to speak up were shouted down and silenced. Some were even called names and to avoid such name-calling, they bowed out.

He said that immediately his wife died, he had wasted no time in petitioning the Commissioner of Police, Enugu State Command, because he had cause to suspect that there was more to the death of his late wife than meets the eye.

Asked why petition the police, was it because he suspected foul play or the culprit playing victim, Ilechukwu explained the chain of events leading to his wife’s death, adding that his wife had told him that she wanted to visit her parents at Trans-Ekulu, Enugu, with their two daughters to spend the weekend and he had agreed.

Her continued, “Without any hint, but in full agreement with the mother and her siblings, she kept the children with them and went for a liposuction surgery at Re-Align Aesthetic Clinic, GRA, Enugu on May 25, 2023 or so. The children were with her mother and siblings for days at their family house while she was at Re-Align.

“She did this without my consent and only returned on May 30, 2023, with the kids in the company of her niece to help her, knowing fully well what she did.”

Observing how weak she looked after her return, Ilechukwu explained that he asked if all was alright with her. “She lied to me by telling me she did DL (or DR) push up. I had no reason to doubt her. She was complaining of abdominal pain and fever. When I asked her to be taken to the hospital, she refused and insisted she wanted to finish the medication she already had.

“On Friday 2nd June 2023, when the abdominal pain and fever showed no sign of abating, I insisted on taking her to the hospital, it was at the point that she agreed.”

The grieving Ilechukwu said that when he wanted to take her to Niger Foundation Specialist Hospital, where they normally would go, she asked that she be taken to Re-Align Aesthetic Clinic, GRA, Enugu.

He continued, “Her wish was respected and she was taken there and on arrival, she was examined and admitted. I did not know the reason behind her choice of that clinic, except being lied to that it was where the DL push-up was done.”

“Unknown to me, my late wife had told the management of the clinic not to disclose the truth about the procedure she had undergone there, so, they kept to the agreement and their medical oath. She was going through treatment and on 6th June 2023, the hospital ran some tests and ultrasound which revealed some collection of fluid in her lower abdomen had an infection. The medical report made available to the police during the investigation also corroborated that.

“The clinic carried out aspiration of some of the fluid on the 7th of June 2023. When it became clear that they had reached the zenith of their ability in managing her, they referred us to the same Niger Foundation Hospital, I had wanted to take her to the first time. Probably, she might have been alive today. But before then she had become disoriented and had a catheter fixed to let out urine.

“Before letting us go on that 7th of June 2023, the clinic handed me a bill that I had to settle before we could be allowed to go to Niger Foundation Hospital. Even though when we got to Re-Align Aesthetic Clinic, GRA, I told the hospital management that the patient was my wife, unfortunately, the clinic was still playing to the agreement it had with her not to disclose the procedure she underwent there.”

Ilechukwu further told South East Punch that it was the Chief Surgeon at Niger Foundation Hospital who first told him that his wife had undergone liposuction surgery.

The doctor probably thought I was aware and just asked what date she did ‘liposuction’ surgery at Re-Align. Though shocked to hear that my wife had undergone liposuction surgery, I did not mind, I was still up and doing to see that she was saved.

“I was by her side all through. I shuttled between the hospitals and the house to take care of her and attend to our kids. I was at the Niger Foundation Hospital with her elder sister when she gave up the ghost on the night of June 8, 2023. So at what point did I abandon her in the hospital?” Ilechukwu queried and broke down in tears.

He, however, noted that three of his wife’s elder sisters, the mother, the niece, and the eldest brother, were around, helped, and witnessed all that happened, adding, “The morning following the night in which she died, I with my family members, friends, and my wife’s eldest brother went to deposit her remains at the morgue.”

He averred that on the night his wife gave up the ghost, “I was in agony, especially for not knowing exactly what had happened to her. How could she have hidden such a thing from me? How could Re-Align Aesthetic Clinic, conceal the fact that it carried out a liposuction surgery on her, even when she was brought there and spent six days from June 2 to 7, and still billed me to pay for treatment I knew nothing about? Could it be that her elder sister, who was in the same car with me when I drove us to Niger Foundation Hospital on referral knew about the surgery and concealed it from me?

“In my car were myself, my late wife, my wife’s niece, her elder sister, and a nurse from Re-Align Clinic who held the referral letter.”

“How come it was at Niger Foundation Hospital that I got to hear for the first time about liposuction? It was while turning her around on the hospital bed at the Niger Foundation Hospital that I counted up to six small incisions on her body, maybe there were more, I wasn’t sure.”

He said that he petitioned the Commissioner of Police over her death because after her demise he went back to the clinic to get information on what it truly did and how it went at their facility, but the facility was not prepared to give out information.