“The wives need friends” Dr Rommel speaks on being the only man in the RHOL show (Video)


In a recent interview, Dr Rommel of the Real Housewives of Lagos show was questioned as to how he felt about being the only man in a show that featured only women.

He responded by saying that it wasn’t uncomfortable for him because in many other reality shows, the females there had male friends, and it was normal. To further buttress his point, Dr Rommel stated that the wives needed friends, and that is why he was there.

The friendship Dr Rommel spoke about brings to mind his experience friendship dynamics on the show, and it hasn’t been a smooth one. He has had issue with almost all the wives on the show, and even led Laura Ikeji to citing that if the show organizers had wanted a gay character, they should have brought someone else.

Apart from Laura Ikeji, Dr Rommel has also had issues with Faith Morey, so much that he criticized her catwalk at a fashion show organized by Toyin Lawani. When Faith Morey was interviewed about the situation, she airily dismissed it.

Toyin Lawani has also been a subject of Dr Rommel’s scorn, as he criticized her clothing brands, citing that it wasn’t so impressive, even though Toyin Lawani has one of the most interesting clothing brands in Nigeria.

The only housewife Dr Rommel has maybe taken a liking to is Iyabo Ojo, and some might even argue that he was always trying to garner her favor and enter her good books.

Upon further observation of Dr Rommel’s friendship trajectory in the Real Housewives of Lagos show, it is a bit tricky to fully appreciate his statement that he came into the show as a friend to the wives.

On several occasions, Dr Rommel has been accused of inciting quarrels among the house wives, and then picking sides when matters escalate.

A lot of people may not appreciate his character on the show but one thing that people can’t deny is the fact that he brought a lot of spice to the show and has made it more interesting. It is not everyday that you see a man squabbling with women in a female dominated space.