Before you open a shop for a girl, pay her bride price or get her pregnant – Nigerian man warns men


Innocent Tino, a Nigerian man, has turned to Facebook to counsel men about establishing stores for their girlfriends.

He declared that any guy who want to set up a store for a lady must either get her pregnant or pay the bride price.

According to him, if they do not do so, the females may become pregnant for their customers.

In other news…

A Nigerian lady who took the night bus from Lagos to Aba has described her story.

She posted the video on TikTok, revealing that she spent at least 18 hours driving from Lagos to Aba.

When she arrived at the Lagos bus terminal around 6 p.m., she paid Aba’s transit charge of N24,000.

The lady, Favour, stated that she had to wait for the opulent bus to load up with passengers before it set out at 9 p.m.

After the bus moved, it broke down before leaving Lagos.

Favour stated that they arrived in Aba around 12 p.m. the next day, as opposed to the typical 6 a.m. arrival.

She wrote on her TikTok video: “Will I do it again? A weak yes. For my return trip, I took the morning bus.”

Reactions as lady takes night bus from Lagos to Aba

@omoxehinde said: “Thank God I stay in gbagada. The first time that bus broke down in gbagada I for don carry my bag de go house.”

@ebere.chukwu said: “lmaoooo. I cannot try this. panic attacks will not let me See the first time your bus broke down while still in lag? lmao. I for don turn back.”

@Gozie said: “I travelled from Onitsha to kano two times almost every week by night bus for almost two years.”