A Groovy Thursday With #TrendyMums


TrendyMum, a community of mothers who come together to unwind as well as educate and empower themselves came together to have a picnic on the 27th of September.

Onome Igugu, a blogger, OAP and convener of #TrendyMum says the economy has become quite difficult and unyielding, women and mothers struggle with multiple tasks of being wives, mothers, primary care givers and also co-breadwinners.

We find that juggling between these tasks ends up taking 100% of our time and energy, leaving little or no room for self love. This has made many women struggle with psychological and emotional depression, causing them to give up on the things that mattered to them when they were single.

You see, the simple things like exercising, eating right, getting our hair, nails and facials done, can make all the difference between a happy wife and mother, and a disgruntled one. And the good news is, it doesn’t take too much effort, time and money to achieve this!

Exercising, self pampering and self love release endorphins or happy hormones which makes it easier for people to live their life in fulfillment.

In her words, that is why I have set out on a mission to “steal” back happiness and take us all on this journey of self rediscovery.

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