Mums Who Don’t Lose Weight After Childbirth Are To Blame For Divorces – Fitness Guru


A top fitness guru has been criticized after claiming women are to blame for divorce because they fail to get back into shape after childbirth.

Top Hungarian gym enthusiast Norbert Schobert made the comments during a live social media video, that has now been viewed more than 745,000 times.

He says men should not be blamed for no longer fancying their wives, if women ‘can’t be bothered’ to lose 20-30kg after having a baby.

Fitness guru Norbert Schobert

Married dad-of-three Mr Schobert, who has been slammed for his views, said a husband cannot “lust for his wife”, and she is the one starting problems which can ruin relationships and leave children “half-orphaned”.

He said women “blow the whole thing” after giving birth and a man “suffers when a woman, who used to be 58 kilogrammes but is now 78 or 88 kilogrammes, comes stamping into the room”.

He added that women’s skin becomes “disgusting” after childbirth and said mothers should return to their pre-baby weight to have a happy relationship.

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