Coronavirus: How To Work From Home With Children Without Getting Stressed


As of next week, schools across the globe will be closed and parents will be faced with the challenging task of looking after children while continuing to work from home.

If the thought of having the little ones running around while you respond to emails and log onto conference calls makes you break out in a cold sweat then this is for you. Here some activities to keep them busy and you can get some work done. 

Wear them out in the morning

Doing some indoor exercises will help. You can then let them switch off in front of the TV/their screens for a while while you get some work done.’

Let the children know what to expect

Plan the day so your children know what to expect. Kids respond well to the structure of school, that you can recreate together at home. Do this with your kids. School will likely provide you with a timetable, first task is to turn that into a poster they can stick up.

Create a ‘do not disturb’ zone

Create a work area at home and ensure your children understand that’s a do not disturb zone (even if this needs to be your bedroom) You can have a sign on the door, “mummy is working” that gets put up during any important calls so they know then isn’t the time to practise their school concert.

Invent ‘peace and quiet’ competitions

If you need an hour or so of peace and quiet to work? Set bedroom-based competitions for your children. ‘For example, you could promise a highly desirable prize in return for the tidiest bedroom. Or, for a more fun competition, who can make the best fort, build the best Lego building or vehicle, or draw the best picture.’

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