Pizza-loving mum Becky White sheds six stone after son became ashamed of her taking him to school


Pizza-loving mum Becky White sheds six stone after son became ashamed of her taking him to school

A pizza -loving mum whose obesity left her son ashamed to be seen with her on the school run is celebrating after slashing a massive six stone.

Becky White, 41, dropped from 17st to 11st after ditching her passion for the high-calorie takeaway favourite.

Becky says: “I was crushed when I realised my son was ashamed of me but at the same time I could understand why. Now that I’ve lost weight, he is so proud of me.

“My partner and I love going to the races, but I had got so big that I couldn’t fit into a dress. Since my weight loss, I’ve got a new dress and we had a brilliant day at the races.”

Becky, from Bolton, began gaining weight after leaving home to go to university. She had two children, Harvey, now 18, and Evlynn, 14, but her relationship broke down, and again she piled on the pounds.

At only 5ft tall, she tipped the scales at 17 stones 9 lbs stones and was a dress size 24.

She says: “I loved pizza, and I ate whole packs of donuts and chocolate bars. I had a couple of bad relationships and my confidence suffered, and so I just ate more.

“My son started asking me to drop him near school, not at school, and I realised that he was ashamed of me.

“That was upsetting but I could understand why he felt like that.

“I met a new partner, Mark, who is fit and active, but I was too big even to go for a walk with him. We love going to the races for a treat now, but before it got to the stage where I was too big to fit into a dress and my feet burned with the extra weight I was carrying.

“I became really worried that he would leave me for someone slimmer, even though he was very supportive. I realised that I had to make a change.”

In November 2020 Becky signed up for the Cambridge 1:1 diet.

She says: “I found the plan so easy to follow because I didn’t have to think counting calories.”

To date, Becky has lost six stones and is now 11 stones 9lbs.