Mr Ibu and wife smile as they reconcile at the police station after messy social media drama (video)


Mr Ibu and wife smile as they reconcile at the police station after messy social media drama (video)

Nollywood actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu and his wife, Stella Maris have finally reconciled.

In a video posted online by controversial blogger, Gistlover, the couple were seen in similar outfits with all smiles. Mr Ibu and Stella looked all loved-up as they teased each other.

The Instagram blogger revealed that the couple had settled their dispute at a police station and Mr Ibu is back home to his wife.

Mr Ibu’s wife and daughter clashes

TSB NEWS reported that the home of actor, Mr Ibu was in chaos as his adopted daughter, Jasmine and his wife, Stella clashed over his property.

His wife, Stella took to controversial blogger, Gistlover to cry out for help over Jasmine’s ploy to dupe her husband.

According to the wife, Mr Ibu suffers from dementia and as such can’t remember things. Knowing his health failure, Jasmine has been taking advantage of it and has been parading herself as one of the actor’s children. Exposing her identity, Stella disclosed that the lady is from Imo state and her real name is Chioma Florence Okekeagukwu. Since gaining her way into Ibu’s heart, see has changed her name to Jasmine Okafor.

Mr Ibu’s wife claim that Jasmine is now the manager of Mr Ibu and has been receiving all money allocated to him. She claimed that she has to pass through the fast rising social media influencer to get money from her husband.

She is even the one managing all Mr Ibu’s social media accounts as he doesn’t remember his password. His wife alleged that the lady and Ibu sea to be having an affair.

She added that her kids are currently out of school because of lack of fees as Jasmine, who is in charge of his accounts wouldn’t authorize the paying of their school fees.

Jasmine, allegedly we went as far has harassing Stella with police from Ajiwe police station where they threatened her to keep silence.

She, Jasmine is currently at the verge of selling Mr Ibu’s CBN estate in Abuja for N65million.

Mr Ibu speaks out

Breaking his silence, Mr Ibu refuted his wife’s allegations. The veteran denied having sexual affairs with Jasmine, who he claimed is his adopted daughter.

Mr Ibu disclosed how Jasmine stood by him when he was ill and took care of all his medical expenses and has been helping out with his financial responsibilities.

Speaking on Stella allegations that the actor is yet to pay the children school fees, Mr Ibu said he sent a million naira to her and for the fees.

John Okafor disclosed that his wife sold the cars he bought for her and never gave him an account of what she did with the money.

According to him, whenever he doesn’t give her money, she throws tantrums. He further alleged that his wife is the only planning to sell his property and his daughter as she claims. He added that his wife’s constant nagging has aggravated his sickness.

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